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Through regular aerobic exercise,the heart will be more healthy,stroke volume is bigger,every part of the body does not need a lot of oxygen pulse number.A high intensity aerobic exercise quality good people can take a long time aerobic exercise,he(she)is also faster exercise recovery.t25 meal plan Aerobic fitness("aerobic exercise") is a"aerobic exercise" characteristics of the exercise,can exercise the body fitness means in a planned and law. t25 video It includes aerobics and running,swimming,table tennis and other sports.Fitness is divided into aerobic and anaerobic fitness.Aerobic fitness is full of rhythmic movement,movement time is longer(about 15 minutes or more), exercise intensity average or above,t25 gamma calendar the maximum heart rate of 75% to 85%.Aerobic exercise is mainly divided into two types:high impact aerobic exercise and low impact aerobic exercise.A,high impact aerobic exercise is the traditionalexercise,such as:running,swimming,table tennis etc..Two,low impact aerobic exercise refers to the rhythm is relatively slow,but long time exercise, t25 nutrition guide such as jogging,rope skipping,spin around,walking etc.. (aerobics according to different degrees of impact can be divided between the two class)In contrast,low impact aerobic exercise can reduce the chance of injury because of the movement,so the more popular. t25 workout Low intensity,there is rhythm,do not interrupt, lasted for a long time.Refers to the long time exercise(endurance exercise),makes the heart(blood circulation),lung (respiratory)were fully effective to stimulate,improve cardiac,pulmonary function.So that each organization,and organs of the human body have a good supply of oxygen and nutrients,to maintain optimal functional status.t25 reviews The exercise process can increase the body of oxygen inhalation,transport and use oxygen consumption,improve the body,improve the respiratory and cardiovascular system function.